Lilette Einmell is a main protagonist in Tales of Hetalia, and join the party in episode 2/3. She starts out as a shy and timid girl but begins to grow out of it. She starts off as a healer then acquires Light and Dark offense spells.


Lilette in her second outfit

Physical Description Edit

Lilette is a petite teenage girl. Because she is a demon, her hair is white. Her hair goes down a little past her shoulders and is almost always in a half-ponytail. Her eyes a blue color and her skin is pale. Her first outfit had a white shirt with an open back and poofed sleeves. She had a skirt up to her waist that was green. In her second outfit, she wears a deep green corset and a black skirt that is tied on her right hip. She wears thigh high white stockings and black Mary Jane shoes. She also wears a long black cloak in her first outfit, which turns into a much shorter one in her second outfit. In addition, she wears two silver earrings.

Hobbies and Personality Edit

Lilette starts out very shy and timid, often letting the others do the talking for her. She almost doesn't smile until later. After her second outfit, she begins to grow much cheerier and happy. She is described as "innocent" due to her lack of knowledge of the outside world to an extent. She is also uneducated in sexual matters and taboo, due to not having learned any of it.

She also has an affinity towards books, having read many of them in her time of confinement. In addition, she is known to have quite a sweet tooth, eating almost an entire chocolate cake by herself.

Family and Relationships Edit

Alfred F. Jones Being the first person who was nice to her, Lilette gets along with Alfred the most. The two are very good friends and are often paired together in battle or groups. He is also the first person to enter her Somnium Agri, at her request. It is hinted that they may have romantic feelings for each other, but it is left ambiguous. 

Backstory Edit

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