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Francis was first found along with Ivan in the town of Aska after the Allies were teleported to the stran


ge world of Rukassia by a mysterious wizard. He is a semi-main character and his power as a Judge is currently unknown. At many points in the series he continues to flirt with people, mainly Lilette and Arthur. 

Friends and RelationshipsEdit

Arthur: Having grown up together on Earth, Francis and Arthur can be described as "best frienemies". Francis, being Francis, was shown to hit on Arthur a bit while in Rukassia.

Lilette: Francis first met Lilette when Alfred and Arthur found him in Aska. Since then, he has flirted with Lilette some during the series. (His efforts were completely lost on her) Once, he even offered to bunk with her for the assumed purpose of getting Arthur ticked off out of what some ArthurxLilette shippers take as jealousy.

Ivan: Like everyone else, Francis wisely avoids ticking him off.