Alfred F. Jones (America) is the main protagonist of Silent-Kira's Tales of Hetalia. He is the leader of the Allies in his world and the Judge of Water in Rukassia. Along with Arthur (England), Francis (France), Ivan (Russia), and Yao (China), he was taken to the world of Rukassia, where he first meets Lilette Einmell.



When the Allies were in a public library looking for books on the Axis, a librarian comes in and shows them a book about the world of Rukassia and the Master Mage Grimore. Just after reading the tale, the librarian transforms his outfit and reveals himself to be Grimore's brother and sends them to Rukassia, along with the book. Alfred and Arthur are seen unconscious by Lilette when she was on her way to an abandoned mansion. When Alfred is woken up by Arthur, he's the first to notices that Francis, Ivan, and Yao are gone. As they go through the forest to find the others, they spot the abandoned mansion and decide to take a look inside. There they find Lilette alone and demands both Alfred and Arthur to leave. As they are about to leave, Arthur convinces Alfred to stay with him to look around the mansion. When they find the room that Lilette was in, they see that she is talking to herself. 

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Arthur Kirkland - Alfred and Arthur have a sort of brotherly relationship. Alfred grew up under Arthur's control during the 1700s in their world.

Lilette Einmell - Alfred gets along well with Lilette. The first time he met her, he didn't think of her as a threat, but as a friend. When Lilette was attacked by other demons, he stepped in with Arthur and defeated them. It is hinted throughout the series that Alfred might actually have romantic feelings for Lilette.